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At the filling station

Xhosa At the filling station

Where is the nearest garage? Iphi igaraji ekufuphi?
Can I have petrol, please? Ndicela ipetroli?
Fill it up, please! Khawuzalise!
Put in petrol for R200. Faka ipetroli ye-R200.
Please check the oil and water. Ndicela ujonge ioyile namanzi.
Please pump the tyres 2 bar. Ndicela upompe amavili, iibha ezi-2.
Would you clean the windscreen? Ungasula ifestile na?
Everything is all right. Konke kulungile.
The spare wheel is flat. Ivili eyisiperi ingenamoya. / Isiperi siflethi.
That is all, thank you. Kuphelele, ndiyabulela.
How much is a road map? Ibiza mali ni imephu yendlela?
How many kilometres is it toJohannesburg? Zikilomitha ezingaphi ukuya eRhawutini?
What is the speed limit? Yintoni isantya esimiselweyo?
The engine is overheating. Injini ishushu kakhulu.
Thank you for your help. Ndiyabulela ngoncedo lwakho.


Tipping is not obligatory in South Africa, but much appreciated. If the service at a garage or restaurant has been good, you may want to leave a tip. All restaurants allow customers paying by credit card to add a tip of at least 10% of the total amount to the price of the meal. Some restaurants, however, already include a service charge. Many motorists prefer to give petrol attendants a small tip, especially when extra service such as cleaning the windscreen has been rendered. To tip a petrol attendant or a waiter in a hotel, you may say: “Siyabulela. Nali ithiphu lakho.”

 An example:

A: TouristB: Xhosa speaker At the filling station
B: Molo Nkosikazi Hello , madam
A: Molo, Mnumzana Hello, sir
B: Unjani? How are you?
A: Ndiphilile, wena     unjani? I’m fine. How are you?
B: Nam ndiphilile.     Ndingakunceda ngantoni,     nkosikazi? I am fine. How can I help you,madam?
A: Ndicela ipetroli     yeR300-00. May I have R300-00 petrol, please?
B: Kulungile. Kukhona okunye? Good. Is there anything else?
A: Ndingasithenga phi     isonka. Where can I buy bread?
B: Ivenkile isemva     Kwegaraji. The shop just behind the garage.
A: Nantsi imali.     Ndiyabulela kakhulu. Here is the money. Thank you verymuch.
B: Hamba kakuhle,     nkosikazi. Go well, madam.
A: Sala kakuhle,     mhlekazi. Stay well, sir!

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