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Banks, Taxis, and Restaurants

Xhosa Banks, Taxis, and Restaurants


Where is the nearest bank? Iphi ibhanki ekufuphi?
Where is the nearest automatic tellermachine (ATM)?  Iphi i-ATM ekufuphi?
I want to draw money. Ndifuna ukutsala imali.
Is there a currency exchange officenearby? Ikhona iofisi etshintsha imali yamanyeamazwe apha ekufuphi?
I would like to change some money. Ndifuna ukutshintsha imali.
How much is the dollar worth? Yimali ni intengo yeDola?
Can I change traveller’s cheques? Ndingazitshintsha na iitsheke abahambi?
Where do I sign? Ndisayina phi?
Can you give me small bills? Ndicela undinikeze imali encinci yamaphepha?
I want change. Ndifuna itshintshi.


Taxi! Teksi!
Are you free? Unexesha na? / Ukhululekile?
The fast way to reach Oliver TamboAirport, please. Ndicela indlela enqumlayo yokufika esitishinisenqwelo-moya e-Oliver Tambo.
Please take me to the airport. Ndicela undise esitishini senqwelo-moya.
I’m in a hurry. Ndingxamile.
I’m not in a hurry. Andingxamanga.
Could you stop here please? Ndicela ume apha?
How much do I owe you? Ndikukwelita mali ni?
Keep the change. Ungayithatha itshintshi.


Smoking or non-smoking? Uyatshaya okanye akutshayi?
The smoking section, please. Ndicela indawo yokutshaya.
I would like a coffee, please. Ndicela ikofu.
That’s all, thank you. Ndiyabulela, enkosi.
How much is it? Ibiza malini?
The bill, please. Ndicela ibhili.
Is service included? Ngaba kuhlanganiswe yonke into kule bhilina?
This money is for you. Ndibulela uncedo lwakho.
Thank you for your help. Ndibulela uncedo lwakho.
The food is nice. Ukutya kumnandi.
The food is cold. Ukutya kuyabanda.
The food is overdone. Ukutya kuvuthwe kakhulu.
The food is raw. Ukutya kuluhlaza / kukrwada.
I am satisfied. Ndihluthi.
Where is the toilet? Iphi ithoyilethi?
Where is the pub? Iphi ibhari?


Taxi hand signals
When travelling with informal public taxis; one should observe the proper hand signals for the taxis. Standing in the direction of travel and pointing the pointing finger downwards, indicates that you want to travel to a local destination (somewhere in the near vicinity). When pointing the same finger upwards indicates that one wants to go to a destination which is outside the local borders. A taxi may beep once or twice when nearing you. This either means that the taxi driver wants to know whether you need a taxi, or if the driver passes you, it may mean that the taxi is full.

An example:

A: TouristB: Xhosa speaker Banks, Taxis, and Restaurants
A: Mqhubi! Driver!
B: Ewe, nkosazana! Yes, Miss!
A: Ndicela indlela     enqamlelayo eya     ehotela. Ndingxamile. Please go the shortest route to thehotel. I am in a hurry. 
B: Kulungile. Alright.
A: Iphi ibhanki     ekufuphi? Ndifuna     ukutsala imali. Where is the nearest bank? I wantto draw money.
B: Ibhanki ikufuphi     nasehotela. The bank is close to the hotel.
A: Ndicela ume apha.     Ufuna mali ni? Please stop here. How much do Iowe you?
B: Kubizwa i-R30-00. It costs R30-00.
A: Nantsi imali.     Ungayithatha itshintshi.  Here is the money. Take thechange.
B: Ndiyabulela kakhulu!     Hamba kakuhle!  Thank you very much! Go well!


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