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Touring and Socializing

Xhosa Touring and Socializing


Where is the tourist office? Iphi iofisi yabakhenkethi?
I would like to see: Ndicela ukubona:
museums. imuziyam.
historic sites. iindawo zembali.
the flea market. Ii-fleamarket.
the small streets of the town. izitrato ezincinci zedolophu.
the church. Icawa.
the hospital. Isibhedlele.
the forest. ihlathi.
the mountain. Intaba.
the vineyard. Isidiliya.
the river. Umlambo.
the village. idolophu encinci / isixeko.
the cemetery. Emangcwabeni.
the beach. Unxweme.
Where are you going? Uya phi?
I am going to the Kruger National Park. Ndiya eKruger National Park.
I am going to Sun City. Ndiya eSun City.


Sorry, can you assist me? Uxolo, ungandinceda na?
Could you take our picture? Ndicela uthathe ifoto yethu?
Smile! Ncuma!
We’re ready! Sesilungile, singahamba!
Where do you live? Uhlala phi?
What’s your name? Ngubani igama lakho?
My name is Catherine. Igama lam nguCatherine.
I’m from Brussels. Ndivela eBrussels.
How old are you? Uneminyaka emingaphi?
I’m 24. Ndineminyaka engama-24 / eyi-24.
That’s fantastic! Kuhle kakhulu!
That’s life! Bubomi!
I love you! Ndiyakuthanda!
I like you! Ndiyakuthanda / ndikucacele!
Do you love me too? Ngaba nawe uyandithanda?
I love you too! Nam ndiyakuthanda!
I am pleased to see you! Ndiyavuya ukukubona!
Come in! Ngena!
How are you doing? Usaphila na?
Are you married? Utshatile na?
Yes, I am married. Ewe, nditshatile.
I agree. Ndiyavuma.
I have good news. Ndineendaba ezintle! / ezimnandi.
Congratulations! Halala!
Today is my birthday. Namhlanje lusuku lwam lokuzalwa.
Good luck! Ndikunqwenelela ithamsanqa!
Have a nice day! Ube nosuku oluhle!
I wish you well. Ndikunqwenelela okuhle.
May God bless you. INkosi ikusikelele.
I am so glad. Ndivuya kakhulu.
My deepest sympathy. Ndiyavelana nawe.
There is something I want to tell you. Kukho into endifuna ukukuxelela yona.
I forgot. Ndilibele.
Wait a little. Khawume kancinci.
You are beautiful! Umhle!
I will try. Ndizozama.
Wait for me! Khawundilinde!
Is there a problem/what is wrong? Unengxaki na?
No problem! Akukho ngxaki!


Like and love
In Xhosa the word for ‘like’ and ‘love’ is the same verb –thanda. If one says Ndiyakuthanda it can mean ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’.

Names in Xhosa
Most Xhosa names have a meaning. Names are given to children according to factors such as the circumstances of birth, which may include the day of the week, or when or where the birth took place; e.g. for a female Nomvula (Mother of Rain) and a male Sipho (Gift). Events or achievements in the history of a family may also be a contributing factor; e.g. Nonkululeko (Mother of freedom) for a female and Zwelethu (our land) for a male.

 Slang language in South Africa
South Africa is a multi-cultural, cosmopolitan society where slang is used by many as a lingua franca. Street language may be called Isicamtho, ‘flaai-taal’ or ‘tsotsi taal’ and incorporates Africanised articulations of English and Afrikaans. Some slang borrowings from the African languages are:

aikona – No way, absolutely not. From Nguni language meaning “No”.

babalaas – Hangover. From the Zulu word ibhabhalazi.

bra – my brother, mate.

chana – my mate (from Zulu, ‘my nephew’ umshana).

eish! – an interjection expressing resignation, surprise, bewilderment or shock.

eita! – a greeting: “eita bra!” Originated in the townships among the youth.

hhawu! – expression of disbelief.

hhayi bo! – wow! (from Zulu, ‘definitely not’).

majita – men.

spaza – an informal trading-post/convenience store found in townships and remote areas.

toyi-toyi – protest-dancing; used in mainstream South African English.

An example:

A: TouristB: Xhosa speaker Touring and socializing
A: Molo bhuti! Hello brother!
B: Ewe! Yes, hello!
A: Unjani? How are you?
B: Ndiphilile. Wena     unjani? I am fine. How are you?
A: Ndineendaba ezimnandi.     Namhlanje lusuku lwam



I have good news. Today is mybirthday!
B: Kuhle kakhulu! Halala     mhlobo wam! Ube

     nosuku olumnandi!

That is fantastic! Congratulations,my friend! Enjoy!
A: Ndiyabulela! Thank you!
B: Uneminyaka     emingaphi? How old are you?
A: Ndineminyaka u-50. I am 50 years old.
B: UThixo akusikelele! May God bless you!

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