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DYNASTY: amaDlomo (amaHala)
Royal House: Bumbane Great Place, Mthatha
PRESENT RULER: Inkosi Enkhulu BUYELEKHAYA [Buyelekhaya Zwelibanzi Dalindyebo], Paramount Chief of the abaThembu since 1989/2006-.
Born 1964, married (sep’d.), Queen Noluntu, regent of the abaThembu bakaDalindyebo. 
AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Zwelibanzi Dalindyebo
AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Zwelibanzi Dalindyebo

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The earliest known ancestor was Mbulali, whose grandson, Thembu, led his people from the present kwaZulu-Natal area to Dedesi in the present day Eastern cape. Eight generations later, Nxeko, who can be considered the first Thembu King, led his people from Dedesi to the Msana river (where he lies buried), a tributary of the Mbashe River in Mthatha district. His two sons fought over the succession, and Hlanga (or Mahlangu) from the Great Hut was defeated by his brother Dlomo, from the Right Hand Hut. Dlomo was the father of Hala, and ancestor of all later Kings. Rulers were…

  • Inkosi Enkhulu HALA, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu, married and had issue. He lived in the middle of the 17th century.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Madiba (qv)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu MADIBA, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu, married and had issue. He died before 1700.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Thato (qv)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu THATHO, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu, married and had issue.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Zondwa (qv)
    • Inkosi Dlawu
  • Inkosi Enkhulu ZONDWA, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu -/1756, married and had issue. He died about 1756.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Ndaba (qv)
    • Inkosi Ntlazi
    • Inkosi Xuluma
    • Inkosi Bawana
    • Inkosi Bhejula
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NDABA, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu 1756/1800, married and had issue. He died about 1800.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Ngubencuka [Vusani] (qv)
    • Inkosi Fadana (qv)
    • Inkosi Jumba
    • Inkosi Nkosiyane
    • Inkosi Mni
    • Inkosi Mphasa
    • Inkosi Nene
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NGUBENCUKA, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu 1800/1830, born about 1790 in Thembuland, married (amongst others) as his Great Wife, Nonesi, born about 1815, died 1880 in Palmerton, twice Regent of the abaThembu, daughter of King Faku of the Pondo, and had issue. He died 10th August 1830 near Clarkeburg in Thembuland.
    • Inkosi Mqanqeni (by 2nd wife), married and had issue.
      • Inkosi Mbamdonduna, married and had issue.
        • Inkosi Palele, married and had issue.
          • Inkosi Nqabisile, married and had issue.
            • Inkosi Dalisiszwe, married and had issue.
              • Inkosi Ngwenyathi
      • Inkosi Ganyaza, married and had issue.
        • Inkosi Siganeko, married and had issue.
          • Inkosi Mququ, married and had issue.
            • Inkosi Gilizulu
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Mthikrakra (by 3rd wife), eldest son of the Right Hand House (qv)
    • Inkosi Joyi (by 4th wife)(qv)
    • Inkosi Simakade, eldest son of the Left Hand Hut, married and had issue.
      • Inkosi Ncamana
    • Inkosi Ngonyama
    • Inkosi Mgudlwa
    • Inkosi Viva
    • Inkosi Gungubele
    • Inkosi Qhwesha
    • Inkosi Mandela (by 4th wife=?from Left Hand Hut), Chief of Mvezo, married and had issue.
      • Chief Henry Gadla Mphakanyiswa Mandela, Chief of Mvezo, married four times including (a) Nonqaphi Fanny Nosekeni, daughter of Nkedama of the Mpemvu Xhosa clan, died September 1968, married 4thly, Nodayimani and had issue, four sons and nine daughters. He died 1930.
        • Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela, born 18th July 1918 at Mvezo on the Mbashe River, educated at Clarkebury, then Healdtown in 1937, then Fort Hare till 1939, circumcised in 1934 receiving the name Dalibhunga, “Maker of Parliament”, completed his BA degree at the end of 1942 and graduated at Fort Hare in 1943, enrolled for a law degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, and in 1952 he opened his own law office in partnership with Oliver Tambo, President of South Africa 1994/1999, married 1stly, 1944 (div. 1957), Evelyn Ntoko Mase, born 1922, died 30th April 2004, married 2ndly, 14th June 1958 (div. 1992), Winifred Nomzano Zanyiwe Madikizela, born 26th September 1934 at Bizana, married 3rdly, 18th July 1998, Graça Simbine (widow of Samora Machel of Mozambique), born 1945, President of the Foundation for Community Development in Mozambique and, since 1999, the fifth Chancellor of the University of Cape Town in South Africa, served as the Minister of Education for the Government of Mozambique 1983/1989; and has issue.
          • Thembekile Madiba Mandela, born 1945, had issue. He died July 1969.
            • Ndileka Mandela
            • Nandi Mandela
          • Makaziwe Mandela, died 1948 aged 9 months.
          • Makgatho Lewanika Mandela, born 26th June 1950, married 1stly (div.) Ann Moseshla, married 2ndly, Zondi, born 1957, died 13th July 2003 at Soweto, and had issue. He died 6th January 2005 in Johannesburg.
            • Mandla Mandela [Zwelivelile] (by Ann Moseshla), born 1974 in Orlando East, Soweto; Chief of the Mvezo Traditional Council 2007/-; educated at Rhodes University (B.A. Politics, 2007); as Chief he is involved in tribal ceremonies, settling disputes among tribe members, and representing the tribe on political issues; married Thando Mabunu.
            • Ndaba Mandela (by Zondi), born 1983.
            • Mbuso Mandela (by Zondi), born 1991.
            • Andile Mandela (by Zondi), born 1993.
          • Dr. Pumla Makaziwe Mandela, born 1954, educated at the University of Fort Hare, South Africa and at the University of Massachusetts, U.S.A (Ph.D. Anthropology 1993); presently heads the Industrial Development Group (I.D.G.); married and has issue.
            • Tukwini
            • Dumani, born 24th November 1976.
            • Kweku
          • Zenani Mndela, born 5th February 1959, married 1973, HRH Prince Thumbumuzi Dlamini of Swaziland, and has issue.
          • Zindziswa Mandela, born 1960, married 1stly, Johannes Seakamela, married 2ndly, and has issue.
            • Zaleka Seakamela, born 1980.
            • Zondwa Seakamela
            • Gadaffi Hlongwane, born 1985.
        • Mabel Notancu Ntimakhwe
        • Constance Mbekeni Mandela
        • Daligqili Mandela, died 1930’s
        • Mhlalwa Mandela
        • Baliwe Mandela
        • Makhutswana Mandela
        • Nomabandla Mandela
        • Leabie Philiso Mandela, born 1930, died 3rd February 1997.
    • Nohuthe (f), married Inkosi Enkhulu Sarili of the amaGcaleka, and had issue. She died before 1857.
  • Inkosi FADANA, Regent of the abaThembu 1830/1840
  • Inkosi Enkhulu MTHIKRAKRA, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu 1840/1849, born 1819 in Transkei, married (amongst others) Notasi, daughter of Inkosi Enkhulu Myeki of the amaMpondomise, and had issue. He died 1849 in Quluqa, Engcobo District.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Ngangelizwe [Qeya] (by Notasi) (qv)
    • Inkosi Matanzima [Raxoti] (from Right Hand House), had issue.
      • Inkosi Mthetho Matanzima
      • Inkosi Mvuzo Matanzima, married and had issue.
        • Inkosi Dalubuhle Mvuzo Matanzima
        • Inkosi Mhlobo Mvuzo Matanzima, Chief of Emigrant Thembuland, married Mogedi, and had issue. He died 1932.
          • Nkosi Kaiser Dailwonga Matanzima, born 15th June 1915 in Qamata, St Mark’s District, entered school at the age of seven and in 1930 he was sent to school at Lovedale. He moved on to Fort Hare University College, where he passed the matriculation examination in 1936, and in 1939 graduated with a BA in Roman Law and Political Science from the University of South Africa, the first South African chief to be awarded a university degree, commenced work with a firm of attorneys in Umtata in 1940, appointed Chief of the amaHala clan of Thembu in St Mark’s district in June 1940,  appointed by the South African government to the United Transkeian Territories General Council (the Bunga) in 1942, but regarding it as “obsolete” he resigned in 1944, later he was made “permanent Regional Chief of the Emigrant Thembu districts of St Marks and Xalanga” (not just, as formerly, chief of the amaHala in Emigrant Thembuland). He rejoined the Bunga in 1955 and his status was further enhanced to Paramount Chief under the Promotion of Bantu Self-Government Act of 1959 on 1st April 1966; Chairman of the Transkeian Territorial Authority in 1961, Chief Minister of Transkei 1963/1976, Prime Minister of Transkei 1976/1979 and President of Transkei 1979/1986, married 1stly, 1940, Inkosazana Dade Sangoni, born 1923, sister to the late Chief Cranmer Zingisa Sangoni and daughter of the late Chief Xolilizwe Sangoni, married 2ndly, 1954, Inkosazana Nozuko Jayinja, married 3rdly, married 4thly, Inkosazana Irene Nolusapho Matanzima (née Moyakhe), born 24th September 1930, married 5thly, and had issue. He died 15th June 2003 at the Frontier Hospital in Queenstown, Eastern Cape, buried 22nd June 2003 at Qamata Great Place.
            • Nkosi Mthethuvumile Matanzima (by Princess Dade), educated at Fort Hare, passing his law examination in 1968, Chief of the Noqayti Region 1969/1972, married Inkosazana Nosizwe, and had issue, one son, as well as further issue, two sons and one daughter. He died 1972(#6 p.14).
              • Nkosi Lwandile Zwelenkosi Matanzima (by Nosizwe), born 1971, Paramount Chief of Western Thembuland [abaThembu baseRhoda] in succession to his grandfather in 2003; married 2004 at Qamata Great Place, Princess Gcinile Dlamini, born about 1985, daughter of HRH Prince Sipho Dlamini of Swaziland. He died 22nd May 2010 in Life St Dominic’s Hospital in East London.
              • Nkosi Mlindi Matanzima
            • Camagwini Matanzima (by Princess Dade), married (div.), Prince Madikizela, and had issue, five children.
              • Msuthukazi Madikizela
              • Nyameka Madikizela
              • Mfihlakalo Madikizela (+)
              • Zoliswa Madikizela
              • Amandla Madikizela
            • Nkosi Qabukile Solami Matanzima (by Princess Irene), born about 1967, LL.B., Attorney, died sp 12th May 2001 at Khayelitsha, buried 20th May at Qamata.
            • Nkosi Luvuyo Matanzima (+) (by Princess Irene)
            • Nondwe Masechaba Matanzima (by Princess Irene), Professional Land Surveyor with a practice in Bloemfontein; she married Morena Mophato Monyake of the Bataung tribe in Makhwaba, Mafeteng, Lesotho.
            • Nkosi Buyanda Gwazinamba Matanzima, Regent of Western Thembuland [23.5.2010] – [31.5.2010]
            • Nkosi Siyambonga Dalimvula Matanzima (by Nozuko), born 1966, installed as Paramount Chief of Western Thembuland on 31st May 2010;married inkosikazi Phumeza Nosithembile Matanzima, and has issue, one son.
              • Nkosi Sintu Matanzima
            • Nkosi Bukosi Matanzima, born August 1973; married and had issue, one son. He died 29th August 2011.
              • Nkosi Lindokuhle Matanzima
            • Malibongwe Matanzima (f)
            • Nobuntu Nophakamisa Matanzima, married Chief Gobizizwe Mditshwa of the amaMpondomise (+).
            • Bukelwa Nolizwe Matanzima (f), married 16th December 1995, iNkosi Patekile Sango Holomisa, Chief of the amaHegebe and has issue.
            • Nkosi Pinky Matanzima, married and has issue.
              • Yolanda Matanzima, born about 1980, married 2002, Zolani Mkiva of the amaMiya, born 1972, praise singer to Nelson Mandela, Chief Executive Officer of the Xhosa Royal Council.
          • Nkosi George Mzimvubu Matanzima, born 1918, Prime Minister of Transkei 1979/1987, married Nowethu, died 1995 and had issue. He died 10th November 2000 in Queenstown, buried 25th November 2000 in Cofimvaba, Transkei.
            • Nkosi Qaqambile Matanzima, married Inkosazana Nontuthuzelo Nomonde Gwadiso of the AmaMpondo Tribe, and has issue, two sons.
              • Nkosi Zweliyaduma Langalivelile Matanzima
              • Nkosi Anele Matanzima
            • Nkosi Mfundo Matanzima
          • Nkosi Ngangomhlaba Matanzima, Chairman of the Eastern Cape Traditional House of Chiefs, married Inkosazana Nokwanda,  died 4th March 2010, Chairperson of Imbumba Yamakhosikazi Akomkhulu, and has issue.
            • Chwayita Qaqamba Gcinashe Matanzima, born 1978, educated at Walter Sisulu University (B.Sc.) and at the University of the Witwatersrand (Dip. Chem. Eng.); she served as an executive member of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa’s (Contralesa’s) youth wing. She died 2nd April 2009 in the Frontier Hospital in Queenstown, buried 11th April 2009 in Nogate Township, Qamata.
    • Inkosi Mfanta a Mtirara (?by Notasi), married and had issue.
      • Chief Nzimankulu (Sibango) a Mfanta Mtirara, married Noheshele, and had issue.
        • Chief Mabandla (Ndlalankulu) Mtirara (by Noheshele), married Notiliti of the Qhinebes, and had issue.
          • Chief Manzezulu Mtirara, born 1925, Chief in the Lady Frere District 1967/2002; Member of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa); married 1stly, Chieftainess Noqhubile of the Cube tribe, the Great Wife, born 1928, (Dudumashe), married 2ndly, Chieftainess Noluntu of the Right Hand House, and had issue, four sons and five daughters. He died January 2002 in Queenstown and was buried 9th February 2002 in Gqebenya Administration Area near Lady Frere.
            • Chief Khandilizwe (Zilingwenya) Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noqhubile), born 1955, Chief in the Lady Frere District in succession to his father 2002/2009, married Lizeka Majokweni (Nosapho) of the Amatolo tribe kuTsolo, and had issue, three children. He died 2009.
              • Princess Nolitha Mtirara, born 1986. (Mafungwashe)
              • Prince Nkosiphendule (Ngubesizwe) Mtirara, born 1989, Chief in the Lady Frere District in succession to his father 2009/-
              • Prince Thembu Mtirara, born 1994. (Ntondo)
            • Princess Lindiswa Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noqhubile), born 1958, Mafungwashe, she has issue, two children.
              • (Roro) Bongeka Mtirara, born 1980.
              • (Pop) Vuyisa Mtirara, born 1985.
            • Chief Mninawa (Jongixhanti) Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noqhubile), born 1960, married and has issue.
              • Prince Zanakhanyo Mtirara (Duna / Ramsta), born 1987.
              • Prince Bagcine Mtirara, born 1989.
            • Princess Cebisa Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noqhubile), born 1963, she has issue, two children.
              • (Nodudlu) Vuyiseka Mtirara, born 1981.
              • (Ndoda) Simamkeke Mtirara, born 1993.
            • Chief Sandi (Bhovulengwe) Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noqhubile), born 1966.
            • Princess (Nanana) Nandipha Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noqhubile), born 1969, Ntondo of the Great house after Chief Bhovulengwe, she has issue.
              • (Lloyd) Lonwabo Mtirara, born 1991.
            • Chief Bongisizwe (Vulisango) Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noluntu), born 1974.
            • Princess Khanyisa Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noluntu)
            • Princess Neliswa Mtirara (by Chieftainess Noluntu)
    • Inkosi Sigunagathi a Mtirara
    • Inkosi Mbambonduna a Mtirara
  • Inkosi JOYI, Regent of the abaThembu 1849/1863, married and had issue.
    • Inkosi Gobinamba Joyi, married and had issue.
      • Inkosi Mghubhuli Gobinamba Joyi, married and had issue.
        • Inkosi Bangilizwe Joyi, married and had issue.
          • Inkosi Mkhuseli Joyi
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NGANGELIZWE QEYA, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu 1863/1884, born 1840, married Inkosazana Novili Nomkafulo, and had issue. He died 31st December 1884 in Thembuland.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Dalindyebo Alava (qv)
    • Inkosi Silimela (qv)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu DALINDYEBO ALAVA, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu 1884/1920, born 1865, educated at St. John’s School from 1879; Installed as Paramount Chief in 1885; in 1904, he  visited England and attended the coronation of King Edward VII; he was a very prominent member of the General Council; married (amongst others) Inkosazana Nohajisi [Mandiza Makhaula], daughter of Inkosi Enkhulu Makhaula a Ncaphayi of the Bhaca, and had issue. He died 22nd April 1920 in Matyengqina, Umtata.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Jongelizwe Sampu (qv)
    • Inkosi Jongintaba [David Jongintaba Dalindyebo] (qv)
    • Inkosi Meligqili Dalindyebo
    • Inkosi Mpondombini Dalindyebo
    • Inkosi Melithafa Dalindyebo
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Dabulamanzi Dalindyebo (qv)
    • Princess Norrie Dalindyebo, married Inkosi Nelton Mabandla of the amaBhele. She died in the 1940’s.
  • Inkosi SILIMELA, Regent of the abaThembu 1920/1924
  • Inkosi Enkhulu JONGELIZWE SAMPU, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu 1924/1928, born 1902, educated at Clarkebury School and at Lovedale College; married (amongst others) Inkosazana Novothi, and had issue. He died 6th July 1928 of enteric fever.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Sabata Dalindyebo (by Novothi)(qv)
    • Inkosi Nxeko Dalindyebo
    • Inkosi Bambilanga Dalindyebo (qv)


  • Inkosi JONGINTABA [David Jongintaba Dalindyebo], Regent of the abaThembu 1928/1942, married Inkosazana No England, died after 1960 and had issue. He died 19th August 1942.
    • Prince Justice Zwelidumile Mtirara, born 1914, married Inkosazana Nozolile (Mtirara), and had issue.
      • Lulama Mtirara
      • Zonwabele Mtirara
      • Nokhwezi Mtirara
      • Mlungiseleli Mtirara
      • Lindelwa Mtirara
      • Nomnqophiso Mtirara.
    • Princess Nomafu Mtirara


  • Inkosi DABULAMANZI, Regent of the abaThembu 1942/1954
  • Inkosi Enkhulu SABATA [Sabata Jonguhlanga Dalindyebo], Paramount Chief of the abaThembu 1954/1980 (deposed), born 25th November 1928, educated in a school in Qhumanco and later transferred to Clarkebury, then transferred to Lovedale late in 1945, and after only six months moved on to Healdtown, his stay at Healdtown was curtailed by his expulsion “for having cut telephone wires and leading a strike”, he underwent initiation in 1948, at which time he was given the name Jonguhlanga, “Watch the Country”, installed as Paramount Chief of the Thembu on 30 June 1954, married (amongst others) Inkosazana No Moscow and had issue. He died 1986 in Lusaka, Zambia, initially buried there but was re-buried 1989 at Bumbane Great Place in South Africa.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Buyelekhaya (qv)
    • Inkosi Jongisizwe Dalindyebo (qv)
    • Princess Ndileka Dalindyebo, married c1986 (traditional) and 29th October 1999 in Bumbane (civil) Prince Melika Dlamini of the Swazi Royal Family.
  • Inkosi BAMBILANGA [Albert Bambilanga Mtirara Dalindyebo], Regent of the abaThembu 1980/1987, married (amongst others), daughter of Chief Mditshwa of the amaMpondomise, and had issue. He died 1987
    • Inkosi Zondwa (qv)
    • Inkosi Zwelodumo Ndaba Mtirara (by daughter of Mditshwa), M.P.L., local traditional leader.
      • Prince Litha Mtirara
      • Princess Nompumelelo Mtirara
      • Princess Sphila Mtirara
      • Princess Ntandekazi Mtirara
      • Princess Zizipho Mtirara
    • Inkosi Ntando Mtirara


  • Inkosi ZONDWA [Zondwa Mtirara], Regent of the abaThembu 1987/1989, born 25th March 1950, former Transkei Defence Force Army General, married and has issue, four sons and one daughter. He died July 2005
    • Inkosi Mfundo Bovulengwa Mtirara, born 25th March 1973, Acting Deputy Paramount Chief 2000/-, Chief of the Matye’ngqina Traditional Authority Area, married (civil) 6th December 2002 in St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Umtata and (traditional) 7th December at the Thembu Great Place near Qunu, Princess Nandi Zulu, eldest daughter of King Goodwill Zwelethini and Queen Buthle of kwaZulu.
    • Princess Bathembukazi Mtirara
  • Inkosi Enkhulu BUYELEKHAYA [Buyelekhaya Zwelinbanzi Dalindyebo], Paramount Chief of the abaThembu 1989/2000 and 2006/-, born 1964, married (div.), Queen Noluntu, regent of the abaThembu bakaDalindyebo.
  • Queen Noluntu, Regent of the abaThembu 2000/2002, she was Regent for her husband while he was away studying.
  • Inkosi Jonginyaniso Mtirara, Regent of the abaThembu 2002/2003
  • Inkosi Jongisizwe Dalindyebo, Regent of the abaThembu 2003/2006


  • Chief Sebenzani Edward Matanzima
  • Chief Jackson Dabulamanzi Matanzima
  • Chief Vulindlela Matanzima, married and had issue.
    • Daughter, married Chief Jongilizwe Tyhali of the amaMpondomise.
  • Lt.-Gen. Themba Templeton Matanzima, born 2nd February 1953 in Cofimvaba.
  • Chief Buntu Sabata
  • Chief Mninawa (Jongixhanti) Mtirara, he has served as a soldier in Port St Johns under special force until 1998; acting chief since 2009, on behalf of Prince Nkosiphendule (Ngubesizwe) Mtirara (see above), till he comes of age; married 1stly, as the Great Wife, Chieftainess Nomboniso (Bandlakazi) Mtirara of the Gcina tribe from the Sthonga family, born 1961 in Khwenxura Mqanduli, married 2ndly, as the Right Hand House Wife, Chieftainess Phindiwe (Nokwakha) Mtirara of the Somyalis in Grahamstown, and has issue.
    • Prince Xabiso (Zanokhanyo) Mtirara (by Nomboniso), born 1987, Heir to his father.
    • Princess Sive Mtirara (by Nomboniso), born 1988, Mafungwashe.
    • Prince Bagcine Mtirara (by Nomboniso), born 1989.
    • Princess Qaqamba Mtirara (by Nomboniso), born 1991, Ntondo.
    • Princess Emihle Mtirara (by Phindiwe), born 2006.



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