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DYNASTY: amaTshawe
PRESENT RULER: IKumkani u MPENDULO ZWELELONKE SIGCAWU, 12th King (Paramount Chief) of the amaGcaleka (2006/-) (Nqadu Great Place, P.O. Box 44, Willowvale – 5040. Eastern Cape, South Africa)

Born about 1968, installed on 27th January 2006; married Linda, and has descendants.

King Zwelonke Sigcawu (born in 1968 to the third wife of King Xolilizwe Sigcawu, Queen Nozamile of Iqadi) of amaXhosa
King Zwelonke Sigcawu (born in 1968 to the third wife of King Xolilizwe Sigcawu, Queen Nozamile of Iqadi) of amaXhosa


  1. Kumkani u GCALEKA 1775/1792, born about 1730, married and had descendants. He died 1792.
    • Kumkani u KHAWUTA kaGcaleka
    • Velelo kaGcaleka (from Right Hand House), had descendants.
      • Gxaba kaVelelo, died after 1837.
    • Kumkani Nqoko kaGcaleka
  1. Kumkani u KHAWUTA kaGcaleka 1792/1804, born about 1761, had descendants. He died 1804.
    • Kumkani HINTSA kaKhawuta
    • Bhurhu kaKhawuta, born 1785, married (amongst others), Nomanto Ntsondo, and had descendants. He died 1857.
      • Maphasa kaBhurhu, born 1835 in Nqamakwe, sub-Chief of the Gcaleka, married (amongst others), Nonesi of the Pondo, and had descendants. He died 1894 in Thuthura.
        • Xhoxho kaMaphasa
        • Moni kaMaphasa
        • Mathengwa kaMaphasa
        • Namba kaMaphasa
    • Malashe kaKhawuta, died 1834.
  1. Kumkani u Nqoko kaGcaleka 1804/1820 (Acting Paramount Chief/ King)
  1. Kumkani u HINTSA kaKhawuta 1820/1835, born 1789 in Transkei, married (amongst others), (a) Nomsa kaGambushe Tshezi (Great Wife), and had descendants. He died 12th May 1835 in Transkei.
    • Kumkani u SARILI kaHintsa (by Nomsa)
    • Ncaphayi kaHintsa
    • Manxiwa kaHintsa, died 1911.
    • Lindinyura kaHintsa, died after 1910.
  1. Kumkani u SARILI 1835/1892, born about 1810, married 9 wives, including (a), Nohuthe of the abaThembu, died before 1857, married (b), Nondwe, married (c), Bayo of the amaGwali, and had descendants. He died 1892 in Sholora, Bomvanaland.
    • Kumkani u SIGCAWU kaSarili (by Nohuthe)(qv)
    • Novili Nomkafulo, married Kumkani u NGANGELIZWE QEYE, Paramount Chief of the abaThembu as his Great Wife, and had descendants.
    • Mototo kaSarili, died after July 1885.
    • Daughter, married Kumkani u MHLONTLO of the Mpondomise.
    • Daughter, married Chief GWADISO of the Khonjwao.
  1. Kumkani u SIGCAWU kaSarili 1892/1902, had descendants. He died 1902.
    • Kumkani u Gwebi’nkumbi Salukaphathwa SIGCAWU
    • Kumkani u Daliza Sigcawu
  1. Kumkani u Gwebi’nkumbi Salukaphathwa SIGCAWU 1902/1921, married and had descendants. He died 30th May 1921.
    • Kumkani u Mpisekhaya Ngangomhlaba SIGCAWU
    • Kumkani u Bungeni Zwelidumile SIGCAWU
  1. Kumkani u Daliza Sigcawu 1921/1923 (acting Paramount Chief)
  1. Kumkani u Mpisekhaya Ngangomhlaba SIGCAWU 1923/1933, died 2nd June 1933.
  1. Kumkani u Bungeni Zwelidumile SIGCAWU 1933/1965, born 1906 in Willowvale District, married and had descendants. He died 9th April 1965 in Umtata.
    • Kumkani u Xolilizwe Mzikayise SIGCAWU (qv)
    • Inkosi Mthetho Sigcawu, head of the Ngxakaxha Traditional Council in Dutywa.
    • Inkosi Jongikhaya Sigcawu, Member of the house of traditional leaders in the Eastern Cape, head of the Mkoloza traditional authority at Jujura, died 19th August 2006 in Jujuru Village, buried 2nd September 2006 at Jujura, Eastern Cape.
    • Inkosi Xhanti Sigcawu, born 1968, married Princess Nombasa of the Venda, and has descendants.
      • Inkosi Khakhalikhaxhosa Sigcawu, born 26th June 1999 in Gauteng.
  1. Kumkani u Xolilizwe Mzikayise SIGCAWU 1965/2005, born 26th June 1926, Member of the House of Traditional Leaders, an active stock farmer in Willowvale, married five wives, (a), Queen Nogaweni, the Right Hand Wife, married (b), Queen Nolusapho, married 3rdly, Queen Nozamile, the Iqadi Wife, married (d), Queen Nolitha, the Ixhiba Wife, died sp 1998, married 5thly, July 1979, Queen Nondwe [née Princess Feziwe Ndamase], the Great Wife, daughter of Inkosi Enkhulu Tutor Nyangelizwe Vulindlela NDAMASE of Western Pondoland, and had descendants, five sons and six daughters. He died 31st December 2005 at the No. 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, buried 14th January 2006 at Nqadu Great Place near Willowvale in the Eastern Cape.
    • HH Prince Mpendulo Sigcawu [Inkosi Enkhulu ZWELELONKE SIGCAWU] (by Queen Nozamile) (qv)
    • HH Prince Ahlangene Sigcawu (by Queen Nogaweni), born 28th August 1969, married 2002, Vuyokazi Ntisana of Dutywa.
    • HH Prince Simpiwe Sigcawu (by Queen Nozamile)
    • HH Prince Phandulwazi Sigcawu (by Queen Nolusapho)
    • HH Prince Ndoda [Nondoda] Sigcawu (by Queen Nondwe)
    • HH Princess Vuyiswa Sigcawu (by Queen Nozamile)
    • HH Princess Nontathu Sigcawu (by Queen Nozamile)
    • HH Princess Bukelwa Sigcawu (by Queen Nogaweni)
    • HH Princess Thobeka Sigcawu (by Queen Nogaweni)
    • HH Princess Sheila Sibongiseni Sigcau (by Queen Nogaweni)
    • HH Princess Nomagcaleka Sigcawu (by Queen Nondwe), married to Prince Matanzima of Abathembu.
  1. Kumkani u ZWELONKE SIGCAWU (2006-present)

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