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DYNASTY: AmaNyawuza
Lineage of Mpondo Kings
Lineage of Mpondo Kings. Source: Mpondo Kingdom
MPONDO King Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau
MPONDO King Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau

In July 2010 Zanozuko was declared by President Jacob Zuma to be king of all Amampondo following a recommendation from the Commission on Traditional Leadership Claims and Disputes, popularly known as the Nhlapo Commission, which also issued determinations on South Africa’s kings.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The tribe was divided into Eastern and Western portions following the death of Paramount Chief Faku. It was incorporated into Cape Colony on 17th March 1894. Rulers were…

  • Inkosi Enkhulu THAHLA, married and had issue.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Nyawuza (qv)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NYAWUZA, married and had issue.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Ngqungqushe (qv)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NGQUNGQUSHE, married (amongst others), a daughter of Sinama, Chief of the Xesibe tribe, and had issue. He died between 1815 and 1820.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Faku (by maNgcambe)(qv)
    • Inkosi Phakani
    • Inkosi Mtengwane (from the Right Hand Hut)
    • Inkosi Cingo
    • Inkosi Mgcwengi
  • Inkosi Enkhulu FAKU, Paramount Chief of Pondoland ca 1824/1844, King of Pondoland 1844/1867, born about 1780, after his death, the tribe split up into East and West Pondoland, married (amongst others), Manqayiya of the amaBovana, and had issue. He died 29th October 1867 near Palmerton, Pondoland.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Ndamase (by Manqayiya, Right Hand Hut)(qv)
    • Inkosi Sitata, married and had issue.
      • Inkosi Mdlangaso, born about 1845 at Sihlonyaneni near Flagstaff, married 1868, Princess Victoria Sandile of the amaRharhabe and had issue. He died 1918 at Sihlonyaneni near Flagstaff, East Pondoland.
        • Oscar Mdlangaso Sitata, died young in August 1887.
    • Inkosi Mhalangas
    • Inkosi Ziqelekazi
    • Inkosi Bekameva
    • Inkosi Bangazita
    • Inkosi Dikiso
    • Inkosi Mbangata
    • Inkosi Bangani
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Mqikela (by maManci, Great Hut) (qv)
    • Nonesi, born about 1815, married as his Great Wife, Inkosi Enkhulu Ngubencuka of the abaThembu and had issue. She died 1880 in Palmerton.
    • Daughter, married 1835, Chief Ncaphayi of the Bhaca.


  • Inkosi Enkhulu MQIKELA 1867/1887, born September 1831 in Old Bunting, 1st Paramount Chief of East Pondoland, married and had issue. He died 28th October 1887 in Qaukeni near Lukikisiki.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Sigcau (from the Great Hut) (qv)
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Mhlanga (from the Right Hand Hut) (qv)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu, King SIGCAU 1887/1905, born 1858/1860, married and had issue. He died 7th August 1905.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Marelane (from the Great Hut) (qv)
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Mswakezi (from the Right Hand Hut) (qv)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu MHLANGA 1905/1909

  • King Marhelane kaSigcauInkosi Enkhulu, King MARELANE
    [Marelane Sigcau] 1909/1921, installed February 1910, married and had issue. He died 1921.

    • Inkosi Enkhulu Mandlonke Sigcau (qv)
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Botha Sigcau (qv)
    • Chief Manzolwandle Sigcau, married and had issue.
      • HM King Botha Manzolwandle Jongilizwe Sigcau (qv)
    • Chief Tabakile Sigcau
    • Chief Nelson Sigcau
    • Chief Vukaybambe Sigcau, married and had issue. He died 1960.
      • Chief Gwebizilwane Sigcau, married and had issue.
        • Prince Njingalwazi Sigcau
  • Inkosi Enkhulu MSWAKEZI [Mswakezi Sigcau] 1921/1935
  • Inkosi Enkhulu MANDLONKE [Mandlonke Sigcau] 1935/1937
  • HM King (Kumkani) Botha Manzolwandle Jongilizwe Sigcau 1939/1978, born 1913, First State President of Transkei 1976/1978, married and had issue. He died 1st December 1978 in Umtata, Transkei.
    • HM King Mpondombini Sigcau (qv)
    • Nkosi Ntsikayezwe Sigcau, born 1947, ANC Member of Parliament in the Eastern Cape Legislature, married 1972, HRH Princess Ndlunkulu Lungakazi Sigcau (née Madikizela) of the amaLunga, daughter of Chief R.S. Madikizela (former Minister of Commerce, Justice in the former Transkei Homeland, Business Administration Graduate), born 14th May 1951, and had issue. He died 26th June 1996.
      • HRH Princess Stella Sigcau II, born 13th June 1974, Miss Kwazulu-Natal 1994 and Miss South Africa Finalist 1994, B.Proc. graduand from Natal University and former Masters in International Relations student from Stellenbosch University, worked in the Department of Foreign Affairs as an Assistant Director, currently is Managing Director and Founder of the Lwandlolubomvu Rural Development Project, Founder and Festival Director of the Ntsikayezwe LamaMpondo Cultural and Heritage Festival held annually in Ntabankulu first weekend of September, Founder of the Ntsikayezwe Soccer Tournament and is also serving as a diplomat in South African Embassy in Thailand, she obtained in 2005, a Diploma in Diplomacy from the Foreign Service Institute, Pretoria and in 2006, a Business Management Diploma from Varsity College, Pretoria.
      • Nkosi Nzululwazi Jongilanga Sigcau, born 30th July 1975, Inkosi eNkulu (Senior Traditional Leader), he is currently Chairman of Lwandlolubomvu Rural Development Project and Head of the Lwandlolubomvu Traditional Council, member of the Qaukeni Regional Council, Founder and Chairman of the Ntsikayezwe LamaMpondo Cultural and Heritage Festival, Founder and Chairman of the Ntsikayezwe Soccer Tournament; married Princess Mamela Mancotywa (Princess Noluntu) of AmaQhinebe, and has issue, three children.
        • Prince LithaleNkosi Sigcau
        • Princess Stella Sigcau III
        • Princess ZamaFaku Sigcau II
      • HRH Princess Zamafaku Sigcau I, born 4th July 1980, studied Public Relations and Media Studies and obtained her Diploma at Varsity College in Cape Town 2000/2003, a former Marketing student (Varsity College) in 2003, employed with the National Ports Authority, Port of Cape Town, Corporate Affairs Department 2003/2005, currently working (2005) for TOTAL Commercial Services in Johannesburg.
    • HRH Princess Stella Margaret Nomzano Sigcau, born 14th January 1937 at Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape, educated at Lovedale Institute (Teachers Diploma, 1954), and University of Fort Hare (BA degree, 1959), worked as a teacher at a number of schools in Natal 1960/1968, entered politics during the 1968 elections in Transkei, winning Lusikisiki seat. Has held the portfolios of Public Works and Education, Interior (which included Trade and Tourism) and Posts and Telecommunications prior to the granting of independence to Transkei, Transkei’s Minister of Interior Affairs (retaining responsibility for Posts and Telecommunications) with Transkeian independence, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of Transkei 1981, Leader of the Transkei National Independence Party 1987, third Prime Minister of the Transkei in 1987, Minister of Public Enterprises in the South African Government 1994/1999, Minister of Public Works in the South African Government 17th June 1999 to 7th May 2006, Executive member of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa), currently serving as head of its Projects Division, Member of the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL), Natal Executive Council Chairperson of the ANCWL, Transkei; she married 1962 Ronald Shabalala and had issue. She died 7th May 2006 at St Augustine hospital, Durban and was buried at Kwa-Nandi, Qaukeni Farm, Lusikisiki, in the Eastern Cape on 16th May 2006.
      • Nombulelo Tshabalala
      • Lesley Tshabalala
      • Sibusiso Tshabalala (+).
  • HM King (Kumkani) Mpondombini Thandizulu Sigcau 1978/-, married HM Queen Lombekiso Dlamini, daughter of HRH Prince Makhungu Dlamini, son of HM King Sobhuza II
    King Mpondombini Sigcau, 69, of eastern Pondoland in the Eastern Cape
    King Mpondombini Sigcau of eastern Pondoland in the Eastern Cape

    of Swaziland, and has issue.

    • HRH Princess Wezizwe Sigcau, born 1977 in Vincennes, Indiana, educated in the U.S.A. (2004), currently (2007) member of the Eastern Cape Provincial House of Traditional Leaders, she has issue.
      • Prince Juba Zulu
    • HRH Princess Bekiwe Sigcau, born 1979 in Washington DC, educated in the U.S.S. (2004).


  • Inkosi Enkhulu NDAMASE 1867/1876, born 1805, 1st Paramount Chief of Western Pondoland, married (amongst others), Makhawuta of the Mpondomise, and had issue. He died 29th August 1876.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Nqwiliso (from the Great Hut) (qv)
    • Inkosi Nyangiwe (from the Right Hand Hut)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NQWILISO 1876/1899, born about 1835, married and had issue. He died 7th November 1899.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Bokleni [Henry Bokleni Ndamase] (from the Great Hut) (qv)
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Mangeni (from the Right Hand Hut)(qv)
    • Unkosi uMbalekwa, married and had issue.
      • Chief Dlukulwana Joseph Ndamase, born in 1902, Chief of Zinkumbini Administrative Area, Libode, appointed by Chief Victor Poto in 1950, married and had issue. He died 1969.
        • Chief Cingakufani Ndamase, married and had issue.
          • Chief Bhunga Livingstone Ndamase “Zonkintlanga”, born 8th August 1943, he worked for the Department of Commerce in the former Transkei government as a private secretary to the Minister of Commerce & Finance, Chief R.S. Madikizela, and later became a director in the department of Finance, when he took early retirement from government, he was appointed a Chief of Zinkumbini Administrative Area in 2005; married and had issue. He died 17th April 2008 at his home eTembeni homestead, Zinkumbini, Libode and was buried 2nd May 2008 at Zinkumbini Administrative area, Libode.
            • Princess Bulelwa Ndamase “Zanothando” B.A., LL.B., LL.M., born 1971, she is a practising attorney and Founder of Ndamase Incorporated in Durban, educated at the University of Cape Town (B.A.), at the University of Natal (LL.B.) and at Georgetown University, Washington DC (LL.M.), she currently sits on various public Sector boards as a non Executive Independent Director; married to Paul Paledi of the Bakgatla tribe in Botswana.
  • Inkosi Enkhulu BOKLENI 1899/1912, married and had issue.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Victor Poto Ndamase (qv)
    • Inkosi Henry Bokleni Ndamase, married and had issue. He died 21st February 1917 (drowned in the English Channel when the ship he was on, sank).
      • generation
        • generation
          • Nkosikazi Gcinizizwe Ndamase (great granddaughter of Inkosi Enkhulu Henry Bokleni).
  • Inkosi MANGANGELIZWE 1912/1913 (Regent?)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu MANGENI 1912/1918
  • Paramount Chief Victor Poto NdamaseInkosi Enkhulu, King Victor Poto NDAMASE 1918/1974, born 1898, married and had issue. He died 1974.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu Tutor Nyangelizwe Vulindlela Ndamase (qv)
    • Nolusapho Phumla Ndamase, born 1935, married Justice Thandata Jongilizwe Mabdandla of the amaBhele in Alice. She died 11th April 2001 in Alice, buried 28th April 2001 at Thyume Great Place, Alice.
  • Kumkani u Tutor Nyangelizwe Vulindlela Ndamase ka Victor Poto NdamaseInkosi Enkhulu, King Tutor Nyangelizwe Vulindlela NDAMASE 1974/1997, born 11th January 1921, Chief 1947/1997, President of Transkei 1986/-, married 1stly, 1943, HRH Jessie Tandiwe Zulu, daughter of HM King Solomon of kwaZulu, she died 1971, married 2ndly, 1975, Queen Gcinizizwe [née Ndileka Bikitsha], and had issue. He died 21st February 1997 at Umtata General Hospital and was buried on 16th March 1997 in Western Pondoland.
    • Chief Makaziwe Ndamase (by Queen Tandiwe), married 1stly, married 2ndly, Queen Mother Bhongolethu Dlamini, daughter of HRH Prince Makhungu Dlamini of Swaziland, and had issue. He died 1988.
      • Chief Mthawelanga Ndamase (by 1st wife)
      • HM King Ndamase Ndamase (by 2nd wife) (qv)
    • Princess Feziwe Ndamase [Queen Nondwe of the AmaXhosa] (by Queen Tandiwe), married King Xolilizwe Mzikayise SIGCAWU of the AmaGcaleka branch of AmaXhosa, and has issue.
    • HRH Chief Phondolwendlovu Zanembeko Ndamase, born 18 June 1951Chief Phondolwendlovu Zanembeko Ndamase (by Queen Tandiwe), born  18 June 1951 (or 14th May 1951), educated at Fort Hare University (B.Juris and LL.B.), Former law lecturer at the University of Fort Hare, Senior lecturer in the Department of Mercantile Law at Unitra, admitted as an advocate of the High Court in Transkei, Transkei Minister of Justice 1987/1994, married Linda Madikizela, daughter of Chief R.S. Madikizela (former Minister of Commerce, Justice in the former Transkei Homeland, Business Administration Graduate), died 2002, and had issue. He died 5th August 2001 near Umtata, buried 12th August 2001 at Buntingville near Ngqeleni.
      • HRH Princess Nombongo Ndamase, educated at Victoria Girls’ High School in Grahamstown, matriculating in 1994, attained a Financial Information Systems Diploma at Technikon Natal. Currently working for Discovery Health in Sandton (Johannesburg)
      • HRH Prince Mlimandlela Mandlezulu Ndamase, born 17th July 1983, educated at St. Stithians College, Johannesburg (Matriculation) and at the University of Pretoria (Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations). Chairperson of the Contralesa National Youth Task Team. Head of the Ngqubusini Tribal Authority; Manager at Outsurance and Executive Chairman of Ntsikayezwe Holdings which has investments viz-a-viz interests in a variety of sectors within South Africa, currently (2007) the Chairperson of the Eastern Cape Youth Commission.
    • Prince Zwelicacile Ndamase (by Queen Gcinizizwe)
    • Princess Caciswa Ndamase (by Queen Gcinizizwe)
    • Princess Boniswa Hombisa Ndamase (by Queen Gcinizizwe), educated at Umtata High School (matriculated 2002), and attained an Architectural Technologist Diploma from the Durban University of Technology; currently (2011) working for Gorton Consulting in Midrand (Johannesburg).
    • Western Pondoland King Ndamase NDAMASE
      Western Pondoland King Ndamase NDAMASE

      Princess Dr. Kanyiswa Lizeka Ndamase (by Queen Gcinizizwe), currently practising as a medical Doctor in Bloemfontein.

  • HH Queen Regent Bhongolethu 1997/2008 (Regent)
  • HM King Ndamase NDAMASE 2008/- , born 1983, educated at Kearsney College; educated at Varsity College, Durban (B.Comm. Management); succeeded on 8th February 2008 and installed as King on 12th April 2008.


  • Chief Jongusapho Bokleni fl.2000, Chief of the Pondos at Ngqeleni.
  • Chief Njongimfazwe Ndamase fl.1999
  • Inkosi Douglas D. Ndamase fl.1951
  • Sonwabile Ndamase, born 1960 in Mdantsane.
  • Chief Mathobela Ndamase, married and has issue.
    • Noyeza Ndamase
    • Vumicawe Ndamase
    • Vuyani Ndamase
    • Vuyisile Ndamase
    • Bathande Ndamase
    • Thamsanqa Ndamase
    • Sabatha Ndamase
  • Unknown, married a daughter of the Ganyile family from Bizana in South Africa, and had issue.
    • Edwin Siyeza Mdlangaso, born 1913, a teacher, he married Bridget Nombuyiselo Mdingi, born 1916, died 1996, and had issue, one son and four daughters. He died 1981.
      • Claribel Nonkululeko Mdlangaso, born 1939, she married Godlwana, and had issue. She died 1994.
        • Fezekile Peacemeker Godlwana, born 1967, died 2007.
        • Yolisa Felicia Godlwana, born 1971, mother of a son.
        • Lonwabo Lungile Godlwana B.Sc., M.Sc., born 1979, eduacted at Cape Town, University (B.Sc., Physiotherapy) and at the University of the Witwatersrand (M.Sc., Physiotherapy), Lecturer and Co-ordinator, Third Year and Postgraduate Orthjo Course, University of the Witwatersrand;  married 27th March 2010, Akona Andiswa Stofile.
      • Clement Mafuna Mdlangaso, born 1940, married and had issue. He died 2009.
        • Siniko Gift Mdlangaso, born 1970, has issue, three children.
          • Siphokazi Mdlangaso (f)
          • Zanoxolo Mdlangaso (m)
          • Sibabalwe Mdlangaso (m)
        • Augustus Sandisa Mdlangaso, born 1972, married and has issue, two children.
          • Lisa Mdlangaso (f)
          • Nkcubeko Mdlangaso (m)
      • Boniswa E. Mdlangaso, married Njiyela, and has issue, two sons.
        • Thamsanqa Lloyd Njiyela born in 1973
        • Nceba Xolani Njiyela born in 1978
      • Nomfundo Iris Euphimia Mdlangaso, born 1951, married Twabu, and had issue. She died 2000.
        • Ntuthuzelo Vuyolwethu Buyile Twabu B.Sc. (UNITRA) born 1980
        • Avela Cingani Twabu B. Com (Accounting) (UCT), born 1982
        • Siyanda Zinwe Twabu B.D.S., (UWC), born 1984
      • Cristobel Thembisa Mdlangaso, born 1957, married Baqwa, and has issue.
        • Fuzeka Baqwa, born in 1976.
        • Ndileka Baqwa, born in 1980.
        • Likhanyile Baqwa, born in 1981.
        • Sinazo Baqwa, born in 1984, died 2003.
        • Pheliwe Baqwa.
    • David Mdlangaso, married twice and had issue, by the first wife.
      • Noncedakalo Mdlangaso (f)
      • Vuyani Mdlangaso (m)
      • Zongile Mdlangaso (m)
      • Nomabali Mdlangaso (f)
  • Nkosi Bhongo Ndamase
  • Prince Mandlenkosi Sigcau
  • Nkhosi Gwebizilwane Sigcau
  • Princess Tantaswa Ndamase, married Prince Gwebindlala of AmaBomvana



SOURCE: African States and Rulers. An Encyclopaedia of Native, Colonial and Independent States and Rulers Past and Present by John Stewart, McFarland: Jefferson, NC, 1989,



  1. Bulelani Sixishe

    This is a rich history of amaMpondo, i hope that their generation will ascertain themselves and learn about their clannity and dynasty.

    I trust that theInkosi are taking great initiatives to ensure total development their people, assist to instil a sense of education, selfdevelopment, full employment and poverty alleviation programs. Theseshould be selfdriven by the people for the people to the people.

    Programs that keep elderly people healthy and reduce early deaths of these people, mobile clinics, ground health workers, organise some elderly clubs an promote healthy eating style.

  2. Good day. I am Nqukhwe, Gwaca, Mqokolwana, Mbinda, Ngcwelekazi, Dinda, Lizo. Ndicela ukwazi amanye amaMpondo esisiduko. I cannot find on the clan list of either amaXhosa or amaMpondo. The surnames are Peyana, Mzotsho, Mathinjwa, Madikane, Madikizela, Gwegwe etc

  3. Phumlani Peter Mditshwa

    Morning, my name is Phumlani Peter Mditshwa, the son of the late Ntsikelelo Bonny Mditshwa. I was raised by my grandmother and was taught some of the Amaxhosa( Amaphondo) culture but now I never saw khwetshube as the one I was taught to say as UMDITSHWA, Khwetshube ka xhanga, mlamb’ olal’ intaka kubaza nombani, binjakobembi siba lentaka. Ahh! Nyanya kube nyanya siba lentaka. My family is from Lusikisiki

    I ask anyone who knows it well to tell me more

  4. Simfumene Susani

    This is great attempt. but it is not true.

    1. It is Sihula, not Sithula ( but that is simply semantics. The real bone of contention is below)
    2. You completely left out Sukude. Hlambangobubende is the youngest son of Sukude. The eldest is Same ( from where amasame originates), Ncenjana the second and Hlambangobubende the last born. you can read the book by Victor Poto Ndamase about Ibali Lama Mpondo and JH book – Bantu of the South East Africa

  5. Hello. My great grandmother was born in Pondoland, not sure where in Pondoland. Is there anyone who could me trace her roots? She was born in 1882.

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