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Royal House: Mngqesha Royal Place, King William’s Town
PRESENT RULER: Queen Noyoliso Sandile, wife of the late HM King MAXHOB’AYAKHAWULEZA SANDILE (1955 – July 11, 2011)

HM Noyoliso Sandile, daughter of HM King CYPRIAN BHEKUZULU and sister to HM King Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu of kwaZulu, and has issue.

  • HRH Prince Jonguxolo Sandile
  • HRH Princess Nomatshawe Sandile, born 1993.
Queen Noloyiso of AmaRharhabe in the centre
Queen Noloyiso of AmaRharhabe in the centre. Photo: Timeslive














  1. Kumkani u RHARHABE 1773/1782, born about 1722 in the Transkei, married (amongst others), Nojoli kaNdungwana of the Thembu, and had issue. He died 1782 near Dohne, Ciskei.
    • Mlawu, married and had issue. He died 1782.
      • Inkosi Enkhulu NGQIKA
      • Ntimbo
      • Hobe (f)
    • Jalousa, fl.1803
    • Siko, fl.1800
    • Sigcawu, married and had issue. He died June 1830.
      • Xelinkunzi
    • Cebo, (from the Right Hand House)
    • Hlahla, fl.1850
    • Nzwane [Danster]
    • Mnyaluza, died 1838
    • Ntsusa (f), died 1826
    • Inkosi Enkhulu NDLAMBE (by Nojoli)
    • Nukwa (by Nojoli), had issue. He died 1856.
      • Inkosi Enkhulu GASELA, ancestor of the amaGasela branch of the Xhosa.
      • Bika
  1. Kumkani u NDLAMBE 1782/1795 (deposed), ancestor of the amaNdlambe branch of the Xhosa.
  1. Kumkani u NGQIKA 1796/1829, born about 1779 in the Ciskei, married (amongst others) (a) Sutu of the Tshatshu-Thembu, (Great Wife), born about 1795, died after 1878, married (b), Notonta of the amaNgqusini (Right Hand Wife), died after 1834, married (c), Notsimbi, and had issue. He died 14th November 1829 at Burnshill near Fort Cox.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu SANDILE (ex Sutu)(qv)
    • Dondashe kaNqika (by Sutu), born 1828, married and had issue.
      • Ntonisi kaDondashe, married and had issue.
        • Inkosi Enkhulu BOFOLO, Acting Paramount Chief of the imiQhayi 1944/1952.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu MAQOMA [Jongumsobomvu] (by Notonta)
    • Nongwase (by Notonta)(twin with Maqoma), born 1798 in Burnshill.
    • Xhoxho (by Notsimbi) 1815-1869 or about 1813-1877/1878.
    • Tyhali (from the Left Hand House), born before 1800 in the Ciskei, married (amongst others) Tebe and had issue. He died 1st May 1842 at Woburn.
      • Feni
      • Kokwe
      • Oba [Ngonyama], fl.1850, ancestor of Chief Nqwiliso Tyhali fl.1975.
    • Anta, born ca1810, died 1878.
    • Matwa, born ca1810, died 1847.
    • Tente, died 1842.
    • Nongwani (f), born ca1803, baptized in 1829 with the name of Anne, married Chief Kama kaChungwa, Chief of the amaGqunukhwebe, and had issue. She died 1910.
  1. Inkosi Enkulu MAQOMA [Jongumsobomvu] 1829/1840 (Acting Chief till deposed 1840), born 1798 in Burnshill, married 26 wives, including Katyi and had issue, 52 children. He died 9th September 1873 at Robben Island, buried there.
    • Kona Maqoma, ancestor of Chief Gladstone Maqoma, fl.1975
    • Ned Maqoma
    • Tini Maqoma, fl.1878
    • Siyolo Maqoma
    • Nomenteshe Maqoma (f), fl.1861
    • Unknown, or one of the above sons, had issue.
      • Two or three generations
        • Chief Lent Zweliyazuza Maqoma, born 1929, Chief of the amaJingqi, Manpower Minister in Ciskei, teacher and school principal in and around Port Elizabeth for several years, Member of the Rharhabe Royal Council, Acting Paramount Chief of the amaRharhabe after the death of Inkosi Enkhulu MXOLISI, married Nobuntu and had issue. He died 28th October 2001, buried 10th November 2001 at Gonzana near Balfour, South Africa.
          • Nonthuthuzelo Maqoma, married Ben Nomoyi, film director.
  1. Kumkani u SANDILE 1840/1878, born 1819 in the Ciskei, married (amongst others), (a) Noposi kaMyeki of the Mpondomise, married (b), Nokwazi, married (c), Noyejini and had issue. He died 29th May 1878 in the Denge Forest, buried 9th June 1878.
    • Emma Sandile (by Noposi), fl.1858
    • Victoria Sandile (by Noposi), married 1868 Mdlangaso of the Pondo, and had issue.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu EDMUND GONYA SANDILE (by Nokwazi)
    • Mlindazwe Bissett Sandile
    • Sixaxa Sandile fl.1878
    • Mnyango Sandile fl.1900, married and had issue.
      • Magudumana Sandile, married and had issue.
        • Bhabha Sandile
        • Themba Sandile
    • Matanzima Sandile
  1. Kumkani u EDMUND GONYA SANDILE 1878/-
  1. Kumkani u FAKU SANDILE fl.1932
  1. Kumkani u ARCHIBALD VELILE SANDILE bef1954/1968, installed 1958; married and had issue. He died 1968.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu MXOLISI BAZINDLOVU SANDILE (qv)
    • Inkosi Zwelidumile Sandile
  1. Kumkani u MXOLISI BAZINDLOVU SANDILE 1968/-, married Nolizwe, and had issue.
    • Nkosi Ntombizimilelemntwini Sandile, Head of the AmaZibula Traditional Authority, Honourary Major-General in the Ciskei Defence Force. He died January 2001, buried 27th January 2001 at Mngqesha Great Place.
    • Nolitha Sandile
    • Noxolo Sandile
    • Nomhimhi  Ntombekhaya Sandile


  • Prince Luvuyo Magoma, born about 1963, Chief of the amaHlathi Tribal Authority.



  1. Hi my name is Nandipha Gqola and currently doing a research for my film called ubukhosi and I need contact details of Royal family preferably Amarharhabe kingdom cause there are some questions that I would like to them.

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