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Sinovuyo Traditional Dancers

Sinovuyo Tradional Dancers with Chief Mandla Mandela of MvezoSinovuyo Traditional Dancers is an energetic professional traditional dance performing group of talented youth and teenagers. Most of the group members have been overseas to showcase their skill & their love of Xhosa Culture. When this group performs you will be blown away. The meaning of the group name ‘Sinovuyo’ is ‘we are happy’. This group performs in community occasions and government occasions. But unfortunately it has never been funded. In order to buy the beads/ attire the group wears it needs to perform on the streets on weekends. The little money they raise is then used to buy the Traditional Xhosa attire.

Sinovuyo Traditional Dancers is made up of 3 different categories performing different dances which are:

Sinovuyo Tradional Dancers young girls bethwele ikemereIintombi “young girls”

These are young girls ranging from 6 to 21years of age they are still virgins. They are tested for virginity every 2 weeks. They celebrate their virginity by dancing with their own designed costumes showing off their bare breasts showing that they are proud of what they are doing.

Amakwenkwe “young boys”
These are young boys that have not been to initiation school. They perform what is called Sinovuyo Tradional Dancers young Xhosa menumtshothso/umtyityimbo, this is a dance performed by only by the boys when another boy of the same age is about to through initiation to manhood, as a way of celebrating with and sending their peer off to a different stage of his life. Their outfit is different from that of girls.


Amagqirha/ osisi “traditional healers/young women”

These are the big girls ranging from 22-35 years of age. They perform a different dance from other categories as well. They perform what is called umxhentso wamagqirha. Some of them are traditional healers by profession.

Sinovuyo Tradional Dancers - Xhosa danceSinovuyo Traditional Dancers aim is to bring change to South African youth. It’s encouraging the youth to respect African & more specifically, Xhosa customs and traditions and in order for the youth to see the importance of going back to Xhosa roots. Through all the activities Sinovuyo does, it is also fighting alcohol abuse amongst young people, teenage pregrancy and drug abuse.

The group is available for bookings for any events.


Khanya Mtshotane (Marketing and Communications Officer) – khanyamtshotane@ymail.com

Pumeza Busakhwe (Group Leader and President)