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Satma Awards 2016 nominees..Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional.Dancers perfoming at the Pondo festival Matshona Village Tabankulu on the 10th September 2016 - pic by Siyasanga Mbambani
Satma Awards 2016 nominees..Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional.Dancers perfoming at the Pondo festival Matshona Village Tabankulu on the 10th September 2016 - pic by Siyasanga Mbambani

Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional Dancers

Satma Awards 2016 nominees..Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional.Dancers perfoming at the Pondo festival Matshona Village Tabankulu on the 10th September 2016 - pic by Siyasanga Mbambani
Satma Awards 2016 nominees..Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional.Dancers perfoming at the Pondo festival Matshona Village Tabankulu on the 10th September 2016 – pic by Siyasanga Mbambani

Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional Dancers was formed by Mrs. Nomalungelo Bonga and a group of Nurses at the Mthatha Hospital Complex in 1976, Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional Dancers have become a household name in and around South Africa. The group was later joined by community members in and around Mthatha including but not limited to youth from previously disadvantaged communities. Through the years the group has grown from strength to strength, from performing at the gates of the Independence Stadium in Mthatha to being one of the best Xhosa performing groups in South Africa.

Sivuyile Nonzame Traditional Dancers have travelled around the world promoting the unique Xhosa Culture through a variety of Xhosa Cultural dances that reflect the uniqueness of the different tribes found in the Eastern Cape. It is in these functions that the group has gained overwhelming popularity reflecting a need to go back to basics (culture) in endeavours towards developing a proud nation.

Internationally, the group has travelled quite extensively, to the following countries:

  • Brazil,
  • Germany,
  • France,
  • Philippines,
  • Greece,
  • USA,
  • Mexico and
  • Bulgaria to mention just a few.

The applaud and standing ovations received during international trips made the group realize how the world appreciated and honored the unique South African culture. Hence the wish to create a SIVUYILE NONZAME TRADITIONAL DANCERS brand internationally through South Africa’s Tourism endeavours by showcasing and promoting the unique South African Culture.

Nationally, the group is in constant demand with performance engagements during most weekends. The group performs in Wedding Ceremonies, Imigidi, Engagement parties etc. The group also performs for Government Departments and also for Corporate events and Gala Dinners.

Some of the Group’s best highlights are performances during/at:

  • In 2007 the Group had an opportunity of recording a live DVD with the sensational and well known singer Ringo Madlingozi. During this DVD shooting the group received exposure to the whole of South Africa.
  • Live DVD shooting for Zahara, one of South Africa’s best performing artists. During the shooting the group worked with TS Records and EMI Records at Carnival City.
  • Inauguration Ceremonies of the two (2) Former State Presidents of South Africa (Nelson Mandela & Thabo Mbeki) in Pretoria Union Buildings.
  • Presidential Awards 2009.
  • Grahamstown Arts Festival
  • COP 17 Conference 2012, hosted by the United Nations, in South Africa,
  • BRICS Conference ceremony held in South Africa 2013,
  • Comrades Marathon 2012 and 2013,
  • Wedding Ceremony of the Former State President Mr Mandela with Graca Machel,
  • Wedding ceremony of President Zuma’s Daughter in 2011,
  • Commemoration of the OR Tambo month in Zambia 2011,
  • Launch of the Tourism month in Kenya 2010 to mention but a few.


The following are objectives and mission of SIVUYILE NONZAME TRADITIONAL DANCERS:

  • To promote diverse cultural Tourism in South Africa through our beadwork,
  • To restore the dwindling pride in our heritage,
  • To contribute in bringing back the spirit of “Ubuntu” and Moral Regeneration,
  • Involvement of the youth in cultural activities and establishment of “Twinning arrangements” with International Groups and Countries that promote culture.
  • To create jobs for people.


SIVUYILE NONZAME TRADITIONAL DANCERS comprises 60% female and 40% male.
The group accommodates the youth, young adults and adults. The group members are from all over the Eastern Cape.


The Group offers a CULTURAL ENSEMBLE with a variety of dances from the different tribes of the Eastern Cape; the categories are as follows -:


A dance performed by Traditional Pondo women. This category consists of 8 Women who perform and showcase the Baca and Pondo dance styles. Their dance style tells a story of unmarried women in the rural Xhosa communities who enjoy themselves through song and dance.


This dance is performed by a group of 10 young girls. They perform this dance to tell a story of young girls celebrating their virginity. These young Girls are involved in a Moral Regeneration programme which is currently run in South Africa (Indoni) where they represent the Eastern Cape Province. In September 2012 one of the members became Miss Culture Indoni for the Thembu Tribe an event which was broadcast in SABC1.


A dance performed by young male. By performing this dance they tell a story of young male who have just come back from the initiation school and are therefore celebrating manhood.


A category which is mainly charactised by Traditional Sangomas. Their dance depicts a healing session where the audience is taken through the dances performed during the graduation ceremony of an initiate Sangoma.


The group has since adopted a group of 15 young girls and boys who perform the traditional Imfene dance. The dance tells a story of how the mineworkers enjoy themselves after long working hours.


In addition to performing the traditional dance, the Group is also involved on a small-scale in craftwork (beadwork). A land has been secured with plans to develop a Cultural Village not yet seen in the Eastern Cape. However the group is facing challenges in soliciting funding for the project.

While the group charges a performance fee, it is however a nominal fee in relation to costs we incur and conditions under which the group exists. At least 85% of the group members do not have employment, therefore the group activities and performance fees provide a means of income (stipend) for these members.


  • Indoni- the group has formed partnership with the Moral Regeneration Programme called Indoni with the aim of restoring the dwindling culture and educating the youth of our nation on the values of Ubuntu.
  • Sponsor from Former President Tata Mandela-through the performance at his wedding ceremony, Tata donated a Mini Bus Taxi to assist the group when travelling around promoting culture.
    ? The Durban Playhouse- the group recently formed partnership with the Playhouse Company during the BRICS Summit which was held in South Africa 2013.
  • O R Tambo District Municipality- through the office of the former mayor, underprivileged youth from the group were taken as part of the Municipal back to school programme, where they were offered study bursaries.
  • KSD Local Municipality- the group has been supported by the municipality in the form of travelling kit which was donated to the group.
  • Department of Arts Culture- in the previous years the department assisted the group through funding for the trips to overseas countries.

We believe therefore that we can work together, the kind acceptance your organization will make to put us on the map or in the picture would go a long way towards the promotion and the fulfillment our vision. We would therefore be very grateful to work with you, making an upfront promise and undertaking that we would be flexible, over and above that, we undertake to keep the Promise you will not regret assisting us the Sivuyile Traditional Dancers instead you will be very impressed and as well be proud of us.

In closing, we wish to thank you for affording us this special and unique opportunity to write this PROFILE to yourself. In terms of specifics do not hesitate to contact us;

We are very passionate about what we do and in addition to our other strategic objectives; we would like to make South Africa proud, by putting her, firmly on the world stage on heritage and national pride when it comes to culture and the whole notion of the values of Ubuntu.


Mrs. N. Bonga : Director

Ms. S. Mbangweni : Assistant Director

Mr. K. Ngcathu : Secretary

Mr. J Aplein : Treasurer

Ms N. Bonga : Marketing Manager

Ms V. Dunjwa : Public Relations Officer


Director : 082 974 5981

Marketing Manager : 082 849 5461- 071 348 9723

Office : 047- 535 8698